American Paintings and Other Art Forms

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Item Number: P93001
Artist: Ramon Kelley
Description: Portrait of a Mexican Man
Dimensions: 12x9”/35x22.8 cm
Signature: SLR Ramon Kelley
Date: Ca. 1980
Note: o/b

Item Number: P07001
Artist: Debra Hurd
Description: Cityscape ‘Metro Canyon’. o/c
Dimensions: 22x28”/55.8x71.1 cm
Signature: SLL D. Hurd
Date: 2007
Note: Tool: Palette knife

Item Number: P08001
Artist: Carl M. Thorp
Description: CA Coastline, Half Moon Bay
Dimensions: 18x24”/45.7x61cm
Signature: SLR Carl M. Thorp
Date: Ca. 1940s
Note: Oil
Item Number: P05001
Artist: Ng Woon Lam
Description: N. Chicago Alley, Oil
Dimensions: 20x20”/50.8x50.8cm
Signature: SLL Ng Woon Lam
Date: 2005
Note: Chicago Edgewater District

Item Number: P90005
Artist: Javier Cabada
Description: Paganini, Oil
Dimensions: 45x45”/114.3x114.3cm
Signature: SLR cabada
Date: 11-1990

Item Number: P95001
Artist: Clarence Hinkle
Description: Coastline near Laguna Beach, o/b
Dimensions: 4x6”/10.2x15.2cm
Signature: SLR Hinkle
Date: Ca. 1928
Note: Possibly his house on the coast

Item Number: SC05001
Artist: Sherry Salari Sander
Description: Bronze, ‘Lobo’
Dimensions: 13”/33cm h; 8”/20.3cm dia
Signature: Sander
Date: Ca. 2003
Note: #5 of 35

Item Number: P97002
Artist: William St. George
Description: “Reynolds House”, Ogunquit, ME
Dimensions: 21x25”/53.3x63.5 cm
Signature: SLR William St. George
Date: 1997
Note: Bold impasto

Item Number: SC88001
Artist: Emil Janel
Description: Wood carving
Dimensions: 9½”/24.2cm h 7”/17.8cm dia
Signature: Emil Janel
Date: Ca. 1930
Note: Signed on keyboard

Item Number: SC88002
Artist: Emil Janel
Description: Wood carving
Dimensions: 9½”/24.2cm h
Signature: Emil Janel
Date: 1929
Note: Signed on shoe soles

Item Number: SC72001
Artist: André C. Codro
Description: Wood Carving, ‘Hobo’
Dimensions: 24”/61cm h
Signature: André C. Codro
Date: Ca. Early 1970s

Item Number: P88001
Artist: William (Bill) Schmidt
Description: Brookeville, MD
Dimensions: 16x20”/40.6x50.8cm
Signature: SLR W. SCHMIDT
Date: 1988

Item Number: P97003
Artist: William St. George
Description: Commonwealth Ave., Boston
Dimensions: 24.5x 36”/62.2x91.4cm
Signature: W. St. George
Date: 1997
Note: Strong impasto

Item Number: P97004
Artist: Homer Levinson
Description: Monterey Coast
Dimensions: 16" X 20" h
Signature: Unsigned
Date: Ca. 1930
Note: Ritchel’s Rock

Item Number: P97005
Artist: Lilia Tuckerman
Description: Hawaii Landscape
Dimensions: 10’ X 8”
Signature: SLL Lilia Tuckerman
Date: Ca. 1930s
Note: Oil ob

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