About Us

We are long-time collectors of art glass and fine art. When traveling, a memento of the trip is most likely to be a work of art representative of the visited area. Our enthusiasm and admiration for Schneider art deco glass has also led us to collect examples of American Studio glass from the last quarter of the 20th century.

Part of our quest for exciting pieces of art is not only simply ownership, but it extends to presenting the art work appropriately in the home, i.e. advantageous frames for paintings and suitable placement of glass works for best effect. In doing so, we have learned how well paintings and art glass complement each other and we strive to create a special ambiance by pairing them harmoniously.

Tom has published articles about Schneider art glass, and he has lectured on Schneider glass at local and national glass club meetings. In addition to researching and writing about Schneider glass, he serves as a Schneider glass consultant to institutional and private clients.

See our ‘Links’ page to find out more about Tom's writings.

We can be contacted by email at: info@artfulmilieu.com

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